Fire breaks out in Delhi; two children burnt to death

Saturday 5 May 2018 11:41 pm IST

Never feel weak as you face challenges in today’s conflict-ridden world. Whenever you face difficulties in life, shun your vulnerability and dedicate yourself to your duties with renewed vigour. Many people are seen crying over unnecessary things and at the same time speaking like knowledgeable saints. This is totally unsuited to the brave.

Crying over what has happened is of no use. Crying over what may happen is also of no use. Past, present, and future is a continuum. We have no other choice but to complete our duties in this unending flow of time.

Analyzing the absolute Truth, we can clearly understand that Jivatma (the soul) which is present in every being is beyond life and death; neither was it non-existent nor is it going to stop existing. Depending on the body it chooses, the Jivatma lives through the various phases of childhood, adolescence, youth, and old age, as per the laws of nature. When the physical body becomes weak, the Jivatma shuns that body and proceeds to the next.

Those who realize this are brave, and need not worry over this transition called death. Realize that death, a process that is feared by one and all, is the law and destiny of time.