Memories at death bed

Monday 23 July 2018 11:31 pm IST

It is not new for Hindus to name their children after the names of its various Gods. Most of them do it with the intention of uttering God’s name through their children’s names at the time of their death, since Hinduism believes that one attains Moksha, freedom from the cycle of birth and death if one dies with God’s name on their lips. However, just by naming children after the names of Gods will not ensure Moksha; to attain moksha, devotion, or bhakti, and consistent spiritual practice, sadhana, is necessary.

Once, there lived a Brahmin who had four children. He named them as Rama, Krishna, Govinda, and Mukunda. The Brahmin led a lifestyle comprising many ritualistic practices. As time progressed, all his four sons became wealthy through their businesses. Soon, the Brahmin became old, and like clairvoyance, he felt his death was near. As anticipated, he became bed ridden and started chanting God’s names – Rama, Krishna, Govinda, and Mukunda. Thinking that he was yearning for his children, those who were around the old Brahmin ran to the sons at their business premises and informed them of their father’s last wish. All the four sons immediately shut down their shop and rushed to be by their dying father.

However, instead of being happy, the Brahmin asked the sons worriedly, “Oh, so all you have come here; So, who is there at the shop? Or have you shut down the shop?” As soon as he uttered these words, he breathed his last.

That’s the power of Maya, materialism. At the very last moment of his life, the Brhamin, instead of uttering God’s names died thinking of business, wealth, and children.