Airline to pay 65000 as Vegetarian gets meat

Wednesday 12 September 2018 10:50 am IST

Ahmadabad: For serving a passenger non-vegetarian food, though he had ordered a vegetarian meal, the Consumer Court has directed an Airline to pay compensation of Rs 65000. Bhanuprasad Jani of Rajkot is the complainant.

The incident mentioned in the case happened on 20th August 2016. Jani was flying from Chennai to Rajkot. He had ordered a vegetarian meal, but he was served with non- vegetarian food. He said he had some of it, fell sick and vomitted. This caused Jani to sue the airline in the Consumer Court.

Jain sued the airline for Rs 7.25 lakh as compensation. Since he had never had non- vegetarian food, he was not sure whether the airline served him chicken or mutton, he added. He even took photographs and videos of the food items.