French missile for India's Tejas

Wednesday 6 February 2019 9:18 pm IST

New Delhi: Plan of action to attach new types of missiles to Tejas, the Indian made lightest fighter jet has been initiated. The plan is to add French made air-to-air missiles. Hindustan Aeronautics will begin talks this week with French authorities. The missiles are manufactured by French company MBDA. By adding the missiles, the light weight jets will gain more power.

It was earlier planned to accommodate Israel-made Python 5 missiles. But after the discovery of technical problems for the missiles to be connected, discussions on the French Missile was initiated. ASRAM missiles weighing around 88 kilograms point are from within the view-point. Information about the enemy fighter jets will be collected using sensors. 

currently, such missiles are used by the Indian Air Force in the British-made Jaguar air crafts. Tests are being conducted to check whether Sukhoi aircrafts are also capable of bearing these missiles.