Attukal Pongala: Today

Wednesday 20 February 2019 10:15 am IST


Thiruvananthapuram: The historic event Attukal Pongala, an annual festival said to the largest religious congregation of women in the world, is going to celebrate today, the 20th February 2019.


In the morning at 10.15 Tantri (Chief Priest) Thekkedathu Kuzhikkattu Parameswaran Vasudevan Bhattathirippad will hand over the holy lamp lit from the sanctum sanctorum to Head Priest Vishnu Namboothiri who in turn will make fire in the earthern hearths in the Valiya Thidappally and Cheriya Thidappally which again transferred by the Assistant priests  to Pandara Aduppu prepared in front of the Pattupura.

The fire will then be passed to lakhs of women who under penance ready to offer Pongala and are waiting around the temple spreading in kilometers with earthen hearths,  will start preparing Pongala using rice and jaggery. At 2.15 pm is the auspicious time for Nivedyam to be performed with this the waiting of the women will come to an end. 

After the procession with the idol of Devi outside the temple at 11.50 pm, offering of Kuruthi Tharpanam will be celebrated at around 12.05 night as marking of the culmination of the festival.