Maldives supports India's decision on Article 370; says ‘internal matter’

Monday 19 August 2019 8:00 pm IST


Male: After Srilanka and the UAE, the Maldives also on Wednesday showed support for India's decision to repeal Article 370 by highlighting that it considers the move as an ‘internal matter.’


It is the right of every sovereign nation to amend their laws as required, Maldives informed in a statement. The Maldives considers the decision taken by the Government of India regarding Article 370 of the Indian Constitution as an internal matter, an official statement by the Maldives government said.


When Ladakh was raised as the Union Territory Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Renault Wickremesinghe was the first to support it. He says that it will be the first Indian state with a majority of Buddhists. The Prime Minister also said that the amendment of the law in Jammu and Kashmir is entirely within India.


The UAE Ambassador Ahmed Al Banna said that the move was for the development of Jammu and Kashmir and was purely a domestic affair of India.