Motor Vehicle Department will not suspend driving licence of Wafa Firoz; explains she remitted the fine.

Monday 19 August 2019 8:00 pm IST


Thiruvananthapuram: In the case of a vehicle accident in which the journalist KM Basheer was killed while traveling on a bike, the Motor Vehicle Department has decided not to suspend the driving licence of Wafa Firoz, who was traveling with an IAS officer Sriram Venkatraman in her car at the time of the accident. They informed that Wafa had remitted the required fine for her over speeding when a notice had been served to that effect which is equal to admitting the offence. Meanwhile, the driving licence of Sriram Venkatraman, the first accused in the case, has been suspended as he did not reply even after accepting the notice two weeks ago.  


There were reports that Sriram and Wafa's license had not been suspended even after many days elapsed after the accident. The Motor Vehicle Department explained that the delay was only a matter of time to complete the proceedings. There was widespread criticism rocked high for delaying the cancellation of Sriram's and Wafa Firoz's licenses.